We can help anyone learn new skills and change behavior. Here at ABA Pathways our team assesses individual needs and develops comprehensive treatment plans. Our clients include, but are not limited to, the following:


Verbal behavior (words, sentences, communication) is simply behavior that is subject to the same controlling variables as any other behavior that can be modified.

Children both on the spectrum and neuro-typical may experience developmental delays in the area of speech and communication skills. Verbal behavior assessments are completed in order to assess language levels so that individualized programs can be identified in order to bridge any gaps in development.

It is so vitally important to address language delays in any child, diagnosis or not, in order to establish a foundation for learning and appropriate behavior. A child’s inability to express themselves effectively causes an increased frequency in negative behavior due to frustration. Lack of verbal skills could also cause delays in other areas of learning.

Please go to our resources page on our web site for more information and support related to verbal behavior training and benefits.

At Pathways, our focus is helping change behavior, not on a “diagnosis”. We don’t stop at buzz words or get caught up on the “labels” often used in diagnoses, our focus is on what each individual needs in order to bridge any gaps in development.