Articles: Miscellaneous


A manual that was developed to support practitioners’ implementation of evidence-based practices in programs that serve children and youth with autism spectrum disorders.

An article looking at the connection between individual development and learning for children with ASD.

Systems Navigation is a new model of support in which families are taught and mentored to become advocates and active brokers of their own unique services and supports. In this new model, parents serve as system navigators or community liaisons for other parents.

Collection of blogs and articles.

A collection of books, reports, toolkits, and other useful tools for parents and individuals with ASD.

Provides publication of news, information, and resources about scientific research, evidence-based clinical treatments, and family issues.

A collection of articles specifically regarding females with Autism.

This network mainly informs grandparents about autism and the medical, educational, legal, and social issues that affect their families. Their newsroom updates parents and grandparents on new events and changes in the law regarding individuals with ASD.

Association of Science in Autism has research summaries of the full array of autism treatments for families and professionals to make informed choices before considering treatment options. Specific resources for journalists, medical providers, and parents of newly diagnosed children are available.

A list of books and articles recommended for any parent or sibling that would like to support their child/sibling with ASD.

A collection of blog posts about current events and helpful tips.