ABA is the Way! We are grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis for a reason!


We understand the critical decision(s) you need to make right now for your child. There are many suggested treatments for autism and so much information out there — ABA is the only evidence-based treatment that has been proven to show significant behavior changes that are long-term and socially meaningful.


A good ABA program should be:​

  • Technological – Created with a clear and consistent protocol designed so that multiple people can implement it.

  • Conceptually Systematic – Based on an assessment that describes in specific behavioral terms the client’s goals and needs, not based on general opinion.

  • Effective – Results and changes in behavior should be supported by reliable data and noticeable in the client’s life.

  • Generality – Behavior changes develop in varied environments and last over time even after graduation

ABA focuses on how behavior is related to what is happening in a person’s environment. Specifically, we identify what triggers a behavior and then what happens after the behavior, which often determines whether the behavior will happen again.

We all behave the way we do to either:

1. To get attention
2. To get something we can hold, touch, taste, or see
3. To escape or avoid something we do not like
4. To obtain the reinforcement, such as something that makes us feel good biologically (i.e., getting warm when you are cold).

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Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

What does ABA mean?

  • Applied – principles should be ‘applied’ in a way shown to change socially significant behaviors

  • Behavioral – ‘behaviors’ or specific actions are analyzed, assessed, and modified by utilizing well known scientific principles of behavior

  • Analysis – progress is measured through ‘analysis’ of data collection and on overt (observable) versus covert (unseen) behaviors which cannot be measured for change.