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Fun Fall Activities for Children with Autism

The changing of seasons offers an ultimate sensory experience for children with autism and the fall can provide some fun activities to enjoy. Some children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) might have a tough time understanding the changes that come with different seasons. There are, however, some fun fall activities to help them with the transition in seasons.

1. Enjoy Apples

In the fall the apples finish ripening and are ready to pick. If you live near an orchard this is an excellent opportunity to make a group or family event to pick your own apples. Kids love learning where products they see in their homes or the store come from, and the orchard will allow them to experience the differences in apples. All the different shapes, sizes, and colors will be fascinating to see, and even better if they can sample some of the fruit.

2. Apple Stamps

Slicing an apple creates a unique stamp shape your child will love putting to paper. They can make some incredible artwork when you provide different colored paint to dip the slices into. This would be a great time to have them make a festive fall card to send to a family member or friend.

3. Leaf Raking

Raking leaves doesn't have to be a chore. Jumping into a pile of leaves has been enjoyed by children for years, and it provides a great opportunity to awaken our senses. Raking, jumping, crunching, and throwing them into the air to watch as they float back down are all fun ideas.

Not only will this fun fall activity provide stimulation of the senses, and teach turn-taking, but it can also give you a chance to work on following directions when it is time to put the leaves in the compost pile.

4. Go On a Treasure Hunt

The fall season provides us with new colors and new treasures laying on the ground. If you have oak trees in your area a great treasure hunt would be looking for acorns now found on the ground. If there are pine trees nearby, you can create a hunt to look for pine cones. With the different trees turning different colors, a treasure hunt could include looking for red, yellow, orange, and even green leaves. Fall is a great time to find new treasures and explain to your child how the season is changing.

5. Marshmallow Roast

Fall is a great time to take the chill out of the air with a bonfire. A bonfire is a perfect opportunity to roast marshmallows. There are a variety of ways for someone to enjoy a marshmallow, and you and your child can experiment with how well done each of you like the marshmallow. This activity is not for everyone, especially if the open flame would cause anxiety or the stickiness of the marshmallow would cause sensory discomfort.

6. Hayrides

Fall brings a lot of opportunities for a hayride. Many places begin offering hayrides from Halloween all the way through Christmas. Taking a ride on a completely different vehicle, sitting on large bales of hay as you and your child enjoy a bumpy ride with the wind in your face can be an incredible adventure.

Just as marshmallow roasting may not be for everyone, hayrides can provide challenges to some as well. If your child does not like crowds, for example, you might want to arrange a kid-friendly or private ride ahead of time before attempting this event.

Where to Learn More About Activities for Children with Autism

ABA Pathways is committed to helping you and your family find a path to a brighter future by helping your autistic child learn better communication skills and appropriate social behaviors. We have a holistic comprehensive program that will work with you and your child to create an individualized plan to meet your entire family's needs. Our evidence-based behavioral therapy will not only show you how to have fun with your child in the fall season, but it will also show you and your child how to communicate and have fun all year round.

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